Pastor Rachel

Dynamically Insightful, Innovative Teaching, and Incredibly Loving



The Senior Pastor of Th Center OC Church, Rachel Robertson, has since 2015 felt the need to re center not only our church, but the minds and hearts of Community leaders, church leaders, Business leaders, and people from every walk of life connecting with one common cause, the people.

Her life has been one filled with painful losses of loved ones, a husband, father, and sister. She has seen the ravages of drug addiction, on friends and family members, as well as the devastating effect it has on marriages and children. But her endless faith, trust in God, and her belief in the power of Jesus’ Love and message of Hope have always guided her heart.

She has become a beacon of Selfless service and Hope to those most in need in our communities. Pastor Rachel’s willingness to sacrifice her own needs in service of others is well known in the offices of Mayors, City councilmen, and state representatives, causes for children and the Church community.

Not only has she become a dynamic, and successful Pastor, while doing so she has established two Christian based facilities committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus and returning those lost to their families re-centered, remade as contributors to the communities, and to their families. She has fostered many children, taken on the responsibility of caring for children of relatives, as well as caring for her elderly mother. Pastor Rachel and her team, sponsored many foreign exchange students, have and continue to support community service needs and internships for struggling college students. All the while accepting each challenge with joy and willingness to serve. As we continue on this journey you will undoubtedly learn of even more acts of selflessness and care our Senior Pastor is well known for.

Pastor Rachel On Tour

Pastor Rachel speaks at a number of events monthly. Please see our church events calendar to come out and hear her share her unique and powerful journey!

She Never Compromises Her Obligation to us

If it's Sunday, 10:30AM. Pastor Rachel will be in the Sanctuary. Come out and spend some time with one of the most dynamic, thought provoking, and exciting Ministers of our generation.