Our Mission statement; LIVING IT...

The goal is simple; love everyone and be a light to them in every circumstance. 

We are  like-minded and incredibly diverse committed lovers of community. We not only share the Gospel on every street, to every person, and every family. We embrace the reality of our community. A community consisting of individuals each facing the daily challenges of life. We love you as you are, and want to help in any way needed. The desire is to support and serve while enhancing spiritual growth, by applying the principles of faith, and love to  real-life challenges we all face daily.

The intent, simply fellowship and healthy relational connection. 

We are called to remind the world that no matter where people find themselves, Jesus’ message of love and hope is the foundation and solution we are all in search of. 

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It is our vision to establish Global Connections on every street, with every person. This means we need an army of ‘selfless faith supporters’ who have been saved, and armored to embrace the joy of Selfless Service to our brothers and sisters. Our missive to our teams is to mobilize people with a genuine interest in caring for others to carry out the great commission Jesus gave us.